The Power and Limits of Weather Models



Image credit: ABC Radio

As agricultural practises become more and more precise, we search for higher accuracy in weather predictions. Weather determines almost every activity carried out on farm, so it is vital in planning to understand what the weather is going to do. In an interview with ABC radio, Christian Jakob and Ailie Galant explain how far weather predictions have come, and where they are going. They explain that unlike most models used in other systems, which are based on statistics, weather models are actually based on the laws of physics, which are then mathematically rearranged, and then translated into a computer code, which a super computer then uses to create predictions. Allie explains that a lot of the predictability comes from the ocean, and the living biology on land. She believes that in the future, we may not have more certainty in our predictions, but we will have far more confidence in the ‘probability’ of a particular event.

Listen to the interview here:


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