Soil Planning and Investigations for 2015

Soil Investigation

We are hitting one of the busiest times in the year, working with land managers in agriculture, horticulture, viticulture and turf to plan their soil management strategies. Currently it is a busy time for agricultural land managers planning their winter cropping programme.
Our current projects underway are – infield soil investigations including multiple soil pits and analysis across farming properties, amelioration strategies including lime, gypsum and liquid amelioration technology recommendations, crop fertility planning, precision agriculture planning and overall soil condition analysis.

A big part of our focus is improving soil performance for precision agriculture. Land managers have an immense amount of information at their fingertips that they are often under utilising (including maps- Yield, EM38, pH-, soil test, plant tests, land management history, infield investigations).
So that’s where we come in turn that minefield of data and information into workable solutions and decisions for all land management systems.

If you need any assistance on planning your soil management approach this year
Contact Injekta Field Systems via our website.


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