Scientists Brimming with Enthusiasm About Aussie Soils


AS scientists around the globe take a doomsday perspective on global soils, Australian soil scientists are enthusiastic about the future of our soils. Through the input of soil carbon, soils are able to improve soil structure, which in turn increases soil productivity. Soil carbon also mitigates climate change by becoming a huge carbon store.

Dr. Alex McBratney from Sydney University is optimistic towards the future of our soils; “We can make soils a sustainable resource, not a renewable resource, but sustainable resource into the future of humanity.” He says that Australia wide, there are 20-30 Universities doing significant research in soils. This Research and Development is vital for keeping our agricultural industries sustainable.

Professor McBratney said that because Australia’s soils were ancient, research done on younger European soils would not work here. “I think we need to develop a radical soil management strategy for our soil, like bypass surgery or rejuvenation processes,” he said. “Like in Western Australia, where clay is brought up and added to soil to decrease water repellency and these are expensive operations, but that’s why I call it radical soil management, but we need to look where these can be economic into the future.”

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