Pits Don’t Lie – Shakira


There is no better way to understand soils than digging holes. Soil pits don’t lie and nor does the performance of the plants grown in those soils. This last week we have been doing soil pits on the Riverine Plain in Victoria. Farmers understand their soils but often not in terms of the technical language needed to explain them. They know them and understand them because they work with their own soils every day. Soil pit assessment reinforces so much of what farmers know. Soil pits when explained well are the template for future productive capacity and potential. Soils are complex, as is the science involved but what an amazing thing to have so many farmers now so interested in soil performance. Agriculture is changing rapidly. As Ed Scott said “the problem with the world today is that we have trained so many people to count beans and not enough people to grow them” !!


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