East, West and back again

Soil Minginew WA

Photo: Minginew, WA

The past few weeks have seen many kilometers travelled around a number of States; from the WA Wheatbelt, Western Victoria, to the South East of South Australia.
A lap around the Western Australian wheatbelt showed us a diverse range of soils, all with capacity to perform well this season with the opening they have been lucky enough to receive. WA is seen as the State with the oldest of soils and with that the image conveys low soil fertility. However, the WA soils still have plenty to offer, with high capacity to produce profitable yields, given the right weather conditions. WA still isn’t with out its soil constraints, with aluminium toxicity and non-wetting sands being at the forefront of many discussions.

With the opening rains starting strong for much of the West, focus and concern is now being targeted toward crop management through to the spring with discussions now developing on frost risk management and follow up fertilizer applications – both macro and micro nutrients.


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