Disc or Tyne – Seeder Bar Selection

Tynes Seeder

When looking to upgrade your planting/seeding equipment, be sure to think about what is going to perform best in your soil to ensure plants can successfully germinate.

Planting, especially now in no-till systems, is the one point in the year where land managers can have greatest impact on how their soil will perform for the season ahead.

It is important to not just ‘get what the neighbour got’ – make sure the machine is what will make your soil respond the greatest.

We assist many land managers with seeding equipment selection.
Soil investigations provide great insight into what machine will best suit your soil.
One day in the field looking at your soils is essential insurance/reassurance before investing capital into a planting machine.

Some soils, such as vertic cracking clays respond very well to disc machines and due to the nature of the vertical cracking they can get oxygen and water to depth in the profile. However in platy structured, dispersive soils, discs can often not cause enough disturbance to fracture the soil to provide some soil aeration/ or break through hardpans which can impact on water infiltration and germination, in which case a tyne is more suitable.

If you are in the market to purchase a new seeding machine, contact us on 1300 550 440 or info@injekta.com.au and we can discuss all the options with you.


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