So Little is So Much in Furrow

16 October

These photos are a great example of how so little can do much, particularly in furrow. We performed a pH test on the different layers in the soil pit, which gave neutral and alkaline results, we then performed a 'fizz' test on the soil using...[Read More]

Managing EC in a sandy soil

9 October

This is a soil from a soil pit at Paruna in the South Australian Mallee reviewed in the last few days. As the sandy soil has dried down the salts accumulated above the thin band of elluviated clay are clearly evident. The EC changes rapidly in...[Read More]

Michigan Farmer on a Soil Expedition, Uncovers Woolly Mammoth

9 October

Image credit: Daryl Marshke, Michigan Photography Source: iO9 While digging in his field on Monday, Michigan farmer James Bristle found what he thought was ordinary debris in his field. After digging further, he discovered that what he had...[Read More]

Wild Canadian in Africa

31 July

Here we have one of the worlds most well travelled and well respected agricultural advisors ,Steve Larocque, in an African soil pit. Steve has very dark sunglasses on and has still been able to pick the distinct horizon change on the pit face...[Read More]

Erosion Through The Mallee

15 May

    Last week saw some harsh conditions sweep across South Australian and into the Victorian Mallee; 100 km/h winds hit recently cropped land and had a large impact on the erodibility of the landscape. The winds caused defined...[Read More]

Video: Victorian Mallee Case Study

23 December

2014 Case Study of Injekta Field Systems work conducted in the Victorian Mallee, Australia. This case study reflects on 5 years of soil investigations and management for crop performance It has been great to work with land managers who see...[Read More]

UK Nuffield Scholar on-tour in Aus

21 November

[caption id="attachment_3052" align="alignnone" width="819"] David Walston on the Cranvel Digger in the Victorian Mallee![/caption] This week we had the pleasure of taking David Walston, a Nuffield Scholar from Cambridgeshire, UK, on some Soil...[Read More]