Building Materials


A plant can be thought of as a house. A house running on solar power.

To build the house, you require several nutrients in large proportions, some a lot more than others;

Carbon, Hydrogen & Oxygen:

=carbohydrate (CARB-O-HY-drate)

-this is formed through photosynthesis

-this forms most of the structure of the plant, similar to the walls of a house

-also provides all of the energy the plant requires to build, repair, and maintain



-combines with CHO to form ‘lignocellulose’ which gives the plant a strong structure

-without it, the plant is weak, similar to a house with no foundation



-forms chlorophyll, the green stuff in the plant that can convert CO2 and H2O into CHO, with the help of light

-similar to the solar panels on your house, turns light energy into usable energy



-transports energy from where it is made/ stored to where it is required

-similar to the wiring of your house



-similar to the computer that runs the house

-runs communications through hormones

-finds quicker ways of doing tasks through enzymes

-the blueprint of the house/plant -in the DNA



-assists nitrogen




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