Argentinian Soil Expedition!


This week we received a Soil Expedition from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Above is a great pit photo from the University of Buenos Aires. This soil is a great example of a vertic arguidoll (Soil Taxonomy 2014) in Argentina, a beautiful country known for some of the most magnificent soils in the world.The Australian soil classification would possibly be a Vertic / Argillic Dermosol ? Need to know more. We visited the University last year to meet with the infamous Hernan Mengoni to learn about South American soils and how to brew good beer. The well constructed pit shown is in the grounds of the Experimental Station ‘INTA new AMBA’ ( Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area ) which is very close to the campus of INTA (National Institute of Agricultural Technology) at Castelar. The experimental land area where the pit was constructed focuses on peri-urban agriculture and on the first “ pit day”  many local producers in the area attended. The Uni is hoping to use it for grade classes, with the UBA (University of Buenos Aires) undergraduate students and probably also for students at the University Of Moron. Soon there will be another soil pit at Terrerón and perhaps more. We will be very interested to see all new pit sites. It looks like we have just started a “designer pit” competition with Argentina. Watch this space.




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