Argentina – Liquid Sowing

The application of Liquids at sowing in Argentina is going from strength to strength. Progressive Argentinian farmers are looking to liquid delivery and seeing great potential in the technology compared to Australian producers.

We have been working with BlackSoil in Argentina for the last 2 years developing the soil science needed for the integration of fluid delivery into their sowing systems.

In Argentina, crop emergence and timing is critical especially with seasonal rainfall meaning it can be too dry to sow maize then too wet.

Liquid Systems delivery technology has provided growers with an edge at planting. Farmers are planting with high rates of water (up to 1500L/ha) to initiate germination. The plants can efficiently utilise the first rains when they arrive.

This has seen leaps in productivity with crops sown with liquids having 5 weeks growth advancement over conventional cropping systems.

It is only now they are starting to adapt nutrients to this system, their main focus has been on liquid sowing and not getting caught up in the liquid phosphorus and nitrogen.

The scope and potential of liquids in different production systems is massive around the world and especially for Australia. The key is to ensure liquid sowing is adapted to current systems to manage profitable outcomes. It is not just liquid vs granular fertiliser. It is a long way from that.


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