2500km Eastern States Cross Section

Cotton Irrigation Riverina NSW

Last week we engaged in a Soil Expedition that took us from SA, through the Murraylands and into the Riverina in NSW. At this time of year, a road trip certainly makes the climate variability and land management variations apparent. Crops throughout the area are at various points in maturity however the lack of rainfall and the frost events are certainly evident.
After travelling through extensive dryland production it is always a marvel to enter into the irrigation country. The broad plains around the River Murray and Murrumbidgee come alive with the planting and emergence of summer crops.
As the transition begins between harvesting winter crops and managing summer crops it is an exciting time of the year. With water allocations throughout the Riverina being at 39% of General allocation it is going to be a lot of focus upon water and soil use efficiency for this years production.


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